Just a winter morning on the beach…

This morning finds me parked at Main Beach onlooking the great ocean. It’s very early. Today, unlike yesterday, it’s dark and gloomy. The ocean isn’t blue or sea green. It is gray. Gray and sad. For the past month I’d say, the sea has been unusually calm. Today, however, the waves are rough. They constantly crashed upon the shore. At least 200 seagulls have settled together, standing still and silent against the turbulent wind.

One man, perhaps in his mid-50s, drinks coffee while standing on the sand facing the gulls and sea. The man walks out towards the gulls who pay him no attention. Then, returning to his car, the man pulls away and leaves. Another person, a woman, walks up. She is in her 20s, brunette, wearing a nurse’s attire and sulky face. She crosses the boardwalk and seats herself on a bench to face the ocean.  She appears to be in deep thought.

Now the sky has suddenly brightened! It’s still gray, but the sun comes forth trying to break through the heavy clouds. The sea now looks more of a dark, murky green, but still gray.The sand seems to glow. Almost immediately, more cars pull up and out step more people. A cowboy and his wife come and snap some photos of the seagulls. Another couple clad in blue begin walking beside the shore. The ocean remains the same; still gray, still crashing, still constant, still sad, still beautiful.

~All this have I witnessed while seated in my car. It was such a beautiful, yet dark morning I simply had to write about it in my journal, and put it here to read on my blog. ~

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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

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