The Melody of Spring

These days I fill so happy I could burst! Once again, I write from my apartment overlooking small town Zizers. The day is beautiful; so beautiful that I was inspired to write a song! It came to me suddenly and I had to scramble around in my purse for a scrap of paper and pen, whose ink was running low. But I managed to successfully write most of the song – if only I had my guitar with me! Gosh, how I’ve missed my guitar. It would have been impossible to bring, being so big and bulky, and so I had to sadly leave it behind. I did, however, bring the uke by stuffing in the suitcase with my clothes. But playing the uke isn’t the same as playing the guitar. I can’t wait to begin picking out the chords for my new song…

Today has been so warm, and beautiful…. the cows are out, prancing around in the grasslands, the bells tinkling, echoing in the hills. There is a breeze outside, and the hills are covered in a sea of yellow dandelions. Never had I seen so many dandelions all at once! Or so many vineyards. I was told they will soon begin producing grapes within the next few weeks. Wow, I can only imagine how beautiful the hills will look covered with majestic purple vineyards. I believe this area produces some of the best wine in all of Switzerland. The trees are in full bloom everywhere, and the leaves have begun to green. Flowers are abundant, as people seem to be just crazy over them!

I’ve just returned from having lunch at my host’s sister’s house. They tell me she is the best cook in town. I soon found out for myself! It was a traditional Swiss meal of vegetables mixed with cheese, some meat served with special brown or yellow sauce, and this fried, bready dish…. and dessert was some kind of cake with raspberry filling. I imagined my sister going nuts over it, as she has this insane, almost-abnormal-obsession over raspberries. LOL. Well, time to scoot! I’m off on a bike ride around the countryside! Til then, I remain, Jennifer

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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

One thought on “The Melody of Spring

  1. I love this post; I can just imagine the beautiful landscape as you sit and write a song. I hope you had a second raspberry swiss roll/cake for me! 😉 You sis, ~Trina

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