Must I leave already? / My paradise

I can hardly believe my time here is drawing close to an end. This month just flew by, literally. As a first time traveler, I thought surely a month would be long enough….. but in all honesty, I wish it wasn’t so soon. I can’t believe on Monday, I’ll be flying back home – part of me is excited to see my family again. I can’t wait to hug them, kiss them, tell them of all my wonderful adventures and see their reactions!…. and then another part of me wishes somehow I could stay just a little longer….

But I know that someday I’ll be back, and I won’t be alone. I’ll come back and revisit everything and everyone here. I’ve made such good friends with my host, and they hope to come and visit me sometime in Florida! How wonderful that would be.

Yesterday, around 2 ‘o’ clock or so, I slipped on my airwalks, grabbed my camera, and snatched up my sunglasses to head out on a bike ride. No way was I letting this beautiful day go by without enjoying it! It was at least 70F, perfect weather. Surprisingly warm. I started off through the neighborhood, heading north towards the Heidiland, and where a castle lays. You aren’t allowed to visit it, as someone’s living there… still, you can ride right up to it pretty close. Stopping at a little bench, I set the bike down, and just let myself take in everything. From my view, there lay the castle on the right, with the mountains standing over, to left were houses in the distance, and straight ahead and beyond were fields, covering with either the greenest grass, lazy cows grazing, or a sea of dandelions. It was almost too much for me to take in. Sometimes I feel I could cry for happiness, so overwhelmed am I by all the beauty I see around me. It hardly feels real – like I’m standing in a picture or something…but no! I’m here! I can touch the trees I see, or pick the flowers I smell, and feel the ground beneath me, and laugh in the sunlight and warms my cheeks…. it’s all very real, and I feel so blessed…… sometimes, I feel like I’m the happiest person in the world. 🙂 And I give God the credit for my joy, because I KNOW if it weren’t for Him, I would not be here enjoying this wonderful place. I thank the Lord for giving us such beauty to enjoy.

I promised myself to come back…someday, perhaps in the future. Switzerland IS expensive, there’s no denying that. I paid almost 3 CHF for a pack of gum with only 10 pieces. And about 8 and a half US dollars for a chicken sandwich in the grocery store, that served as my lunch. I had a hamburger the other day, which was significantly cheaper (only 4 CHF). But in a way, it’s worth it. If you have the money, Switzerland is DEFINITELY worth it! I honestly think Switzerland is one of those places that you “must see and visit” before you die.

Before I go, I wanted to attach some photos that I took while on my bike yesterday.


This is from my bench where I was sitting.


Can you see the castle? 🙂


So thankful for these benches!





It’s literally like paradise here….. I know when most people think of ‘paradise’, they picture white, sandy beaches covered with palm trees, lying in a hammock sipping on a cocktail, while enjoying the turquoise-colored ocean.

Not me… when I think of something paradisaical, I will think of a sky so blue, and full of clouds looming down around the mountains. I will think of cows grazing in the dandelion fields, their bells echoing through the hills. I will think of dark castles surrounded by forests, and the luscious green valleys you can wander around in. I will think of the small villages that surround the most gorgeous lakes, which shimmer so brightly while reflecting the towering Alps. This is what I’ll think of when I dream of paradise.

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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

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