Time to focus, and not for a relapse…

Why do I feel scared to blog?

I can’t seem to ever make myself publish a post, yet I need to. I must. It’s an unsettling feeling that I carry for days, weeks, perhaps months at a time… and yet I give into my fears, and the blog…sits. Fears? Most of them, if not, are ridiculous. Stupid. Petty. Just plain dumb.

Oh well, I’m not perfect.

Neither is this blog.

Most of the time I end up enjoying other things in life that bring me pleasure. I forget I have a little blog floating somewhere on the internet.

Today I was in the middle of my work when I knew I had to change my bad habits, though.

I work at a nice B&B who lets me listen to music, watch TV, etc. So here I am listening to an interview on Youtube by the wonderful author, traveler and entrepreneur, fantastic Mr. Chris Guillebeau, when I heard him saying something that made me stop. He was talking about the pursuit of happiness. He’s written a new book, see (I’ve already added it in my shopping cart on Amazon), and he talked about how a lot of people might not have a set goal or dream they want to set out and accomplish. They don’t make it a priority. They’re dreams are not their focus. You should work towards something, something you love or are passionate about. Even if it takes 10 years or something. It should be a challenge, (otherwise it’d be boring!). It should make you happy and other people happy.

We all want to be remembered by something, right? Our time here on earth is so, so short.

And that’s the thing, is I have plenty of things I want/need to do in this short life of mine. Coming out of my teens, I feel like I have no time to waste. The world is waiting for me! I must do something. I feel I already have the necessary tools to get started, it just a matter of staying consistent and determined, focused, etc. All those fancy good words.

I really look up to his guy, he’s incredible! I can’t say enough good things about him. I mentioned him and his book briefly in a video I posted last year on Youtube. His book ‘The Art of Non-Conformity’ is one of the best books I’ve every read. Period. It’s changed my way of thinking forever, and I won’t be one of those bums who reads something and goes, “Hm! Good book! Next!”

I’m going to apply all the good stuff in his book to my life. I’ll work hard for what I want.

And I’m starting TODAY. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Today.

Even if I have no idea where to start.

P.S. In case you couldn’t tell, this was one of those ‘Blah!’ days where I just wrote exactly what was on my mind and got it out there!

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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

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