A few relective thoughts – staying in France

**this was something I had written in the middle of March this spring while I was abroad… I wish I had carried on, but all I can do is to post what little I had written, and to continue to write as I journey on in life… wherever it takes me.**


“I had intended to publish this sooner but time seems to always get away from me.

I literally just decided to open up a new blog and started writing/blogging/whatever… like, three minutes ago…

My journey right now begins far away from home, literally. I find myself settled in France right at the borderlines of Germany and dear Switzerland which I can view from my window every morning.. that is, should it be a clear day. The clouds hang low here and I’m afraid winters are rather dreary and gray, with even the mountains being blocked from view.

Today the sun shines, and, as I mentioned above, I find myself alone.. Alone in my little room that I’ve been staying in for several weeks now, here as an Aupair. It feels kind of odd for me to be blogging about it in a way, for I keep a journal that I write in a lot! I almost feel like I’ll be repeating myself here..

The purpose of my stay here is both simple and complicated. It isn’t, I don’t believe, as most other situations, and yet… it is. It is very much. The family which is hosting me right now is German; not French. This is a highlight for me for although I do adore the French in some ways, I find myself absolutely in love with the German/Swiss culture. (Perhaps because I’m part German??)  I’m also learning the language and this is the perfect opportunity to try and put into practice what I’ve been learning these past nearly 2 years…

My days are easy; simply speaking English to the children and playing with them. There is also, of course, a selection of chores to do and perhaps making a few meals every now and then, but I find it all delightful and it’s absolutely no problem for me! They are boys and it would be no exaggeration to say that they keep me on my toes! As the days and weeks have gone by, they’ve warmed up to me. I don’t think they knew what to think of this new American girl that had come. I got a lot of funny looks at first. And the first time I babysat alone was hell. It’s funny, I always knew I had sweet brothers of my own, but know I truly appreciate it. TRULY TRULY APPRECIATE IT. However, now things are more settled, and I feel like I’ve been accepted by the boys. I’ve been given hugs, kisses, they love to sit in my lap as I read to them (in both English and German) and spending time with me by either playing outside, trying out new board games or just talking and asking questions. Our conversations have either to do with discussing German words vs. what they are in English, …or Thomas the Tank Engine.

I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if they started puffing steam next week and grew wheels…

What else? Ah….

I’d like to think back on the day I arrived here.. one of my dear pen pals, whom I had never met in real life, showed up at the airport when I landed. How can one begin to express such happiness or sheer joy? Not to mentioned how surprised I was – I still remember her reaction just like yesterday. We both burst into laughter as we squealed and ran up to one another, embracing with a big bear hug. I shed a few tears of joy despite myself. And to be given Swiss chocolate as a welcome present – dang, it just don’t get any better than this.


On the train together headed to Luzern

And I have other friends to visit… others that I’ve only known by a computer screen these nearly 2 years… I shall be seeing/visiting with them for the fist time.. I’m nervous but anxious. I can’t believe it, truly. It’s funny how, you find a penpal, write, email, text.. then skype and boom! Now I’m on their side of the world and will be actually holding their hands, laughing with them in the same surroundings, perhaps we could go out for lunch, they can show me around their hometowns ,etc..

Wow, I’m a bit scattered right now ’cause I’ve failed to start this blog sooner. I should’ve started when I first arrived so that I could keep better progress. (I suppose it’s because I keep a journal already and that makes it all the more harder to blog after I fill up several pages about this and that… I don’t even think to blog!) However, I feel this shall be the start of many adventures – not just by traveling tho. Unfortunately no. Time and money won’t allow it. But someday, I’ll return to Europe. To this place. I can feel it. Inside I feel that this is only the beginning of another great adventure, another chapter in my life. I know that when I return to the States I shall dearly miss this place, these people, the language, the food (who wouldn’t miss that? :P), my friends, the landscape and beautiful countryside …and  I’ll ache to come back. The trouble is not knowing when. That’s truly the scary part,… the future ahead of me is unknown and I have no idea of what lays ahead. I can only trust God and hope that I do indeed return to this land, people, etc. It is, in a sense, a part of me… I hope and pray most fervently that I can come back.


The view from my window

I shall make another entry soon, hopefully a bit more organized with my thoughts. Ah, but it’ll have to do…”


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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

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