Fun with Trixie – selling at a Christmas Fair

What a fun day to spend with Trixie!

Our day was off to a good start – Trixie was up at the crack of dawn, where I didn’t sleep so well so I slept in til nearly 8am…

We were out the door at 8:15 after a quick breakfast of toast and eggs at Grandma’s house where we stayed the night. That’s always a lot fun. I can always count on having a good time whenever I stay with them. 🙂 Ah… the weather ended up being very nice. Perfect day for selling. Christmas is approaching fast, and Trixie has been busy making crocheted slouchy beanies and jewelry to her hands are almost sore! This was an event we were looking forward to. I was lucky to get off work, to be able to tag along and go to support Trixie. I had also been busy painting some rocks recently… Thought I might dress up the table some 😉 So we got busy setting up and making our table looking pretty.




It was about 54F outside – chilly to me, but I love it. Plus, I figure this is giving me a taste of what it will be like in Switzerland. Yet, how I shivered. I couldn’t seem to make my teeth stop chattering. Or my nose from being cold, and I was shivering all over.

And I ask myself, what makes me think I can handle Switzerland’s winter when I find myself freezing at 54F in Florida.

Lord have mercy.

But I love the winter and the snow, so I don’t care if I freeze. At least, if I die, I’ll be happy. Who knows? I may turn into a snowman.. snow woman.. snow angel – even bettter!

After setting up, we let the fun begin. Customers came and looked over our pretty displays. We had lots of compliments on the jewelry, hats, rocks.. we even have some guitar straps and bags that our pals in Oregon made!



When lunchtime rolled around, our grandparents dropped in and gave us some fresh sandwiches from good ol’ Subway. Doesn’t do to sell on an empty stomach, you know…

And we met the sweetest couple of men right across from us. One of them was especially sweet, and they were both selling the sweetest tasting oranges from good ol’ Georgia – my home state. Freshly picked from the trees yesterday. The real sweet one came over and was amazed at our table. Trixie took the spotlight and sold 2 hats just like that! He loved my artwork on the rocks, and was so impressed that we were doing this at so young an age.

And when he heard of us traveling, he seemed even more blown away. He loved the fact that I had been to Europe and was going back again. He spoke about his trip to Scotland, and said how much he loved it there. And he said something special, that really made me think. “It doesn’t matter where you go, or where you travel. What matters is who you’re with. That’s what makes it special. Even when you’re in the most boring place, if you’re with a great friend, it doesn’t matter.” I smiled real big at him ’cause I knew he was 100% right. I can think of a number of places that weren’t so special, but the people I met up with gave me the best times… And then I’ve been to places like Europe. I love Europe. It’s beautiful and there’s so much to see there.

But for me, it’s the people I know there that really make it special. The ones I’ve met, befriended, and have grown to love so deeply. I miss them terribly. Europe wouldn’t hold near as much of its enchantment or have me aching to return if it weren’t for all my dear friends that I’ve met. Really, these past couple of trips I’ve had to Europe wouldn’t have been near as special or amazing without the people which I’d spent time with.

And you know, for the rest of the time we were there selling, he came over and gave us water bottles, and let us come over and pick out an orange anytime we wanted. And at the end of the day, he walked over carrying a box of his fresh oranges. “Merry Christmas,” he said. I was speechless. “These are for you girls,” he said as he set them down and then looked up at me. “Oh, thank you,” I couldn’t resist giving him a hug, “Thank you so much.” And before I left, I made sure and selected two of my favorite little Christmas rocks to give him and his friends as little ‘Christmas’ and ‘Thank you’ presents. “For me?” it was his turn to be pleasantly surprised. “Yes, I want you and your friend to have these. Y’all are the sweetest men. Merry Christmas.” I said. And he immediately gave me a hug, telling both me and my sister how sweet, beautiful and great we were.

Trixie tells me she meets all kinds of special people whenever she goes selling. “Every time,” she says. “Every time.” Near the end of the day we also got to talk to this sweet little lady from Las Vegas. She seemed to have led a pretty interesting life, coming all the way to Florida. She sold the most beautiful little aprons, too. It was a great day for us sisters. Trixie made so much cash in a short amount of time – it made my head swim. And she’s just getting started! I can’t wait to see what she’s gonna do in the future. And how lucky I am to get to be apart of the fun! 😀

Proud of you, sis! ❤


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