Happy New Year from Switzerland! Starting off a fresh year in Europe.

Wow, can you believe it’s already the last day of 2016?? Tomorrow a brand new year comes and starts all over again. Part of me is sad to leave this year behind for it has flown by so quickly. I had so many wonderful things that I did, met so many wonderful people, saw so many wonderful things. But the other part of me is excited to see what this new year will bring.

So I as write this I’m playing JJ Heller’s ‘This Year (Happy New Year)’ on my headset. It gets me looking forward to embracing a new year 🙂

Also, as I write this, I sit where I say nearly 3 years ago; at the dining room table in a little house, all cozy inside while I look out the windows, the Swiss Alps standing erect and tall. I’m excited to celebrate New Year’s in Europe for the first time! Pretty exciting for me. The fun part is wishing everyone else back in the States a Happy New Year 6 hours ahead. I get to be in the New Year first, hee hee xD


Yes, so! Here I am in Switzerland again. This country has a special place in my heart. Always will. I’ve truly fallen in love with it here, but I’ve been thinking about it.. it’s not just the country. Really, although Switzerland has some of most, if not THE most, gorgeous landscape in the world, it is the people that are here, my friends… the ones I love. Truly, they help hold the enchantment for this place.


Just checked my luggage in – ready to go!



Goodbye, Jacksonville!


Hellooooo Miami!


..and you’d never know I was starving hungry int his picture…


See you later, Miami. Switzerland, here I come!



I arrived here on December 29. Felt so good to finally hit the ground after riding in the plane all night. Cramped legs, aching back… eyes extra tired due to lack of sleep and contact lenses… and staying in the same clothes too long, haha. The plane landed around 8am in the morning .. Zürich had lots of fog and it was very cold outside. I made my way with the others, thanking the Swiss Airline Crew – who offered excellent Swiss Hospitality by the way – and prepared to show my passport to cross the border. The lines were very short, unlike the first time I had a arrived. The several people (who were Americans) that were in front of me were all in Switzerland for the first time, and I couldn’t help but be amused at the Swiss Polizei man. He asked each of them several questions, before stamping their passport.


My turn came, and when he scanned mine in he could see I had already been to Switzerland before. Twice. He asked where I’d be staying and the purpose of my stay. I answered politely that I’d be in Graubünden with some friends, whom I stayed with nearly 3 years ago. Stamp! – I got through. ‘Well, Miss Hudson, I hope you enjoy your stay here.’

I thanked him, and went to collect my luggage. Then I crossed over to the Flughafen Bahnhof to take me to Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) where I rode to my destination, where the mom ran up to meet me with a big hug 😀 She took me home, where I met the rest of the family. It was so neat to see how much all of the boys had grown. But it made me so happy to see them again. And when the dad came he, he practically spun me around the room ‘Jennifer! Jennifer! Jennifer!’ I couldn’t help but laugh from pure joy. It was awesome, and I felt so loved and missed by them all. I had missed them so much, and I could tell they had all missed me in return.


last night’s dinner – yummy! salmon with cheese on toast and salad.

So over the past few days I’ve rested, adjusted, and enjoyed hanging around with the boys, who, though changed in appearance, have not changed in behaviour xD And I’ve taken a couple of walks around the neighborhood. Despite it being freezing cold, I enjoy it very much. I feel so close to nature, close to God, whom I’ve thanked so much for letting me come back. I was reminded yesterday of how during my stay the first time, I had taken a walk up towards the hills and met this beautiful green valley with dandelions dancing in the breeze. I suddenly had the urge to run. I ran and ran and ran, my arms outstretched, tears streaming down my face as I laughed out loud despite myself. I was happy….so happy. And then I fell to the ground and, humbly kissing it, raised my head and made a vow to Switzerland as I looked up at the tall hills against the blue sky. I made a promise that I would return one day. That I would be back. And then I prayed to God, begging him to let me come back. But I felt at peace, because something in my heart told me that I would be back. It wouldn’t be goodbye..

And here I am! It has been such a surprise for it all happened so suddenly. It’s like a wonderful dream that has come true. And I struggle to express my happiness at being here again with this family ❤

Tonight we had a cheese fondue with bread. It was so tasty – and fun to eat!


forgot to take a picture of the aftermath…but this is the prep work!

This will be the beginning of yet another set of adventures here in Switzerland. I’m excited to see what the beginning of the New Year will hold.


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