My Trip to Luzern, Switzerland

I swear sometimes I forget I have a blog…

I haven’t quite developed the talent of maintaining an Instagram account, YouTube Channel, AND a personal blog. (don’t even mention Facebook to me… I’m nowhere near ready) It’s more difficult for me to blog due to the fact that I already write in a journal. Since the age of 6 I’ve been putting my life down on paper and so here I am, trotting around in Switzerland documenting my little adventures in my journal… whilst forgetting to also write them on the internet somewhere on where other people (like my friends and family) can also read about them.

Vlogging is easier for me, I’ll admit. I love talking to a camera about what I’m doing (especially while I’m doing it!) and then posting it straight to YouTube. Plus, I find that people tend to wanna watch someone’s experiences rather than read about them. But maybe that’s just me.


Anyways, about my trip to Luzern.

I had been staying with friends in France for a little over a week, near the Swiss border. It was great to see and visit with them again. These friends happen to actually be the family that I had stayed with last year. (Was it really last year? My, how time flies!) We crammed as much as we could in those 9 days I was there, visiting a castle and seeing other friends or people that I had met when I first visited back in winter 2016. I stayed from the end of February and the early part of March. So on my way back to Graubunden from Basel, I stopped by in the city Luzern.



Lovely Luzern, as I call it. It’s such a beautiful historic city and I can’t help but want to make trip every time I visit Switzerland. I had gotten up at the crack of dawn to be out the door all packed up at 6am. I arrived at the station close to 7 where I caught the train that was bound for Luzern. Upon arrival, which was about close to 8:30am, I found a place to lock up my small suitcase while I could enjoy the city. I spent close to 7 hours in Luzern, just walking around and enjoying everything. It was cloudy, but thankfully the rain held up.



The first thing I did was catch the bus that was headed to the Museum of Swiss Transportation. In the past times I’d visited Luzern, I had not yet been to this famous museum. This time, I would. But silly me, I didn’t realize that it would closed until I practically walked up to the front door. It opened at 10am. Jennifer felt stupid.

So I decided to take a walk around the lake, joining the locals who were walking their dogs or out for a run, and just enjoyed the scenery of the Alps which surrounded the city.



That lasted about 20 minutes and by then I had reached the inner city, the Altstadt (old town) of Luzern.  I ventured toward the Church of St. Leodegar, the Cathedral, and made a few pictures. I then went inside to find it dead silent. I always feel like I have to be super quiet, not that I’m a loud person, but as someone who want to make pictures or video, I feel like I’m not supposed to in a church. It just somehow feels wrong xD



After about 10 minutes or so I continued on up the street making my way to the Lion Monument. It was cold and quiet and there was no one else there. Perhaps this was due to the fact that it was still early in the morning, or being it was the off season-ish part of the year… maybe that’s why there wasn’t a crowd. Then again, when I had visited last year there were plenty of people around – a few Americans, other Europeans and a lot of Asians.


But this time I had the place all to myself and I sat down the nibble on a snack while I could take in the view of the lion. It was so lovely and peaceful. I even made a small entry in my journal, which was nice. By and by an Asian man walked up taking a few photos with his smartphone. I offered if he’d like to have his picture taken, but he politely declined saying that the photo of just the lion itself was enough. I then asked if he could be so kind as to take mine which he willingly did. We then got off to talking about traveling and what we were both doing in Switzerland and where all have we both traveled to, etc. He came from China and was in Europe merely for business but had a few extra days to spare and thought he’d stop by and visit Switzerland for the first time. He seemed surprised when I mentioned it was my third time being back. However, he’s been to places I’ve yet to go to, such as Spain, Norway and Italy. He’d never been to America though. “It’s my dream to one day rent a car and drive across the States.” he said, beaming. “That’s a real good plan. America’s such a big country, though.. It’d be hard to see all in one trip. Even I haven’t seen everything. I’ve never been to Disney World and I’m from Florida.” I laughed. He laughed, too, but then mentioned he’d only been to the Great Wall of China just as a child, and how it’s been over 20 years since. We carried on for quite some time, just simply chatting and making small talk before we parted ways, wishing each other the best for future travels.

After finishing my lunch, I made my way back down the main street, and decided to stop inside a COOP and warm up. Being from Florida, I have the tendency to freeze a little faster than normal people. I seized the opportunity to go ahead get postcard purchasing out of the way.

I would’ve liked very much to walk again on the Musegg Wall of Luzern, but I didn’t have the energy. I was still, at the time, recovering from sickness that I had had over the weekend and wasn’t exactly 100% up to par. I caught the bus and rode back to the Museum of Swiss Transportation where I spent the next couple of hours getting lost amidst trains, cars, airplanes and everything else that had to do with transportation. Let me just say, this museum is AWESOME. It was totally worth the 30 CHF I had paid for admission. Definitely a place for all children, but especially boys. I couldn’t help but think of my brothers while I was there, and wished they could’ve been there to enjoy it with me. And everything was in four languages: German, French, Italian and English.

I didn’t feel left out 😀







There was so much to read and see in that museum… I nearly felt overwhelmed with it all. So much history about the trains and transportation. So many activities for the kids to do and experiment with. In the middle of the museum it opens up to this great big area outside, where kids can ride scooters, work on a mini construction site, walk underneath an airplane and a whole bunch of other things… it was insane. This museum is a great must-see place to stop by in, especially if you have kids.

At one point, though, I had decided there was no way I could see the whole museum, and thought it best to leave and see some more of the city before heading home. I was also hungry and my shoulders ached from carrying around my backpack all day. Oh, and my toe was giving out.

Story time – a few days before I had taken the liberty to kicking a step and splitting my toenail in the middle. I felt like a cripple for a few days and had to stay off my foot. It was doing much better when I went to Luzern and I was able to walk on it, but after several hours of walking it was starting to cramp.

And I admit I didn’t know where the bus picked up again and was confused and so I made my way back around the lake as I had done that morning. The walk seemed FOREVER. I stopped by walking over the Chapel Bridge and made some more pictures. I couldn’t help but notice not only the swans on the lake, but also a crowd of seagulls… Who knew that there’d be seagulls in Switzerland?



Shortly afterwards, I headed to the post office to mail off my postcards, grabbed a bite to eat at the Bahnhof before jumping on the next train that would take me home. There is still so much to see in Luzern. I’ve not done everything. But I’ll be back 😉 Lord knows I’ll be back. It wasn’t goodbye.

Here’s a vlog I posted .. just a little bit of the trip I had made 🙂





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