7 days in the Florida Keys

It’s been about six years since I’ve been to the Florida Keys, which is not so long ago, but it’s funny how a person can forget so much – and with a life as busy mine, it is no wonder! It was just last week that I spent some time down there and sure, there were things I had remembered, but many I had forgotten about. It’s quite a different world down there. And I only live in the next State above, just over the Florida line!


And who knew there’s about 1700 different little Keys, many of them unnamed? And new ones are always forming. There will be certain little clusters of mangroves sprouting up out of the water sometimes no bigger than an ordinary bush and this becomes a little ‘Key’. However, I learned that pretty much all the Keys are made from limestone and coral that had been exposed once upon a time, and it’s my own assumption that mangrove vegetation simply attached itself and began to grown on this new land that was exposed.

mangrove key1


Interesting anyhow.

It’s funny how these mangroves are able to thrive in such salty water – how is a plant able to grow in waters as 100 times as salty than other plants? Odd things, they are.


My grandparents and I had beautiful weather to last us through the whole week. It had rained a little on Monday, simply passing through. And Friday had merely threatened. The sun shone all week, and the palm trees danced in the salty breeze.

stuart florida


The third day of the week we had visited the beautiful Theater of the Sea, a place where marine life could be seen up close and even, in my case, touched πŸ™‚ This was a place definitely worth visiting!

theater of the sea sign

The first thing we did was watch the dolphin show, which had just started. I was blown away and couldn’t believe how high the dolphins jumped and graceful they swam. The people who swam with them most absolutely love them jobs. There was even a guy who surfed on their backs!

guy with dolphin



There was even a cute little (or rather big) sea turtle swimming around πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

sea turtle


And they had the most beautiful orchids and plants in there! So colorful – I couldn’t resist making pictures of them!

flowers 2





In the middle of the week, we drove down all 150 miles to Key West – this was my first visit down there and I had anticipated it all week, especially after finding out how famous it was and the fact that it’s the southernmost point in the USA, only about 90 or so from Cuba. Definitely worth visiting! All on the way down we named off the names of the Keys, many which were ridiculous. Who named them, I’d love to know! πŸ˜€

Taking a break at a rest stop – on our way to Key West.


A tree growing on a bridge? xD This use to be where Flagler’s Railroad ran.

tree on bridge


in the car key west

“Roof Top Cafe” where we had our lunch.

key west cafe

The streets of Key West were quite crowded – there were people bustling about everywhere and I heard all kinds of different languages around me being spoken. It was pretty hot down there, and I made sure to not only wear my sunscreen and hat, but to also use an umbrella over my head, haha.

Visited a fascinating museum full of items that had been recovered by both divers and scavengers from shipwrecks along the coast of the Keys. Many of the shipwrecks had been done on purpose by scavengers. And a piano – who knew?


diving suit old

Grandpa Larry attempts to lift a 60 lb bar of silver – the ‘cursed treasure’ xD

grandpa larry

On top of the museum, there was a tower to climb and I had a wonderful view from above.

key west city

cruise line in keys

key west island

Back on the Streets

key west street

shop in key west

And for the record, I literally did end up as far south as you can possibly go in the States!

southernmost point in the us

Key West was fun. But all too soon we had to drive back to our resort in Key Largo. It was a nice relaxing drive. The next few days we chilled in the swimming pool, browsed through some shell shops and took a tour on a Glass Bottom Boat. I enjoyed seeing the different sea life down there, even if I did end up getting a little seasick. Nothing too bad, but I don’t recommend being tossed around on a boat after you’ve eaten dinner. Whoops.

still havin’ fun πŸ˜‰


palm trees2

sailboat keys



sunset ocean

The Florida Keys is definitely a beautiful destination. After visiting it again, being a little older, I appreciated it more. My how the week flew by, though! All too soon, we had to pack our bags and head back home.

But perhaps one day I’ll be back – that is, if I’m not running off to Switzerland or Germany πŸ˜‰

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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

8 thoughts on “7 days in the Florida Keys

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures in the Florida Keys! And you’re photography skills are fantastic!!

  2. Love it! Looks like you had a great time. πŸ™‚ Did you know that the tree growing on the old Sven Mile Bridge has a name? They call him β€œFred”. No kidding, he has a Facebook page and everything. Lol!

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