The Challenges of Starting a Business Online

So many obstacles to dodge. So many hurdles to jump over. So much to think about, always, always, always. It’s a lot of processing for the brain, really and on some days, I dearly wish there was a way for me to “unplug”.

But that’s what I loved about entrepreneurship – it’s not easy nor is it supposed to be, at first anyway. I like the thought of living life by my own terms and doing things my way. I don’t want to be the type of person that always has to depend on that paycheck and to just do what society expects me to do, and be content with living life like most every other human being.

No, I want something more out of life. And I will break my back trying to get it.
I don’t want to lead an ordinary life and have an ordinary job and be like most everyone else.

And as a ‘newbie’ I’m not a pro at knowing everything there is to know about surviving on my own, yet. But, I know enough to get me started and to keep me going. And I’ve decided that now is a good time as any to act.

And so, I’m going to push all those negative thoughts away – thoughts that tell me ‘it’s impossible’ or ‘who are you kidding?’ and ‘it’s risky’ – and focus on the big picture of life.

Doing what makes me happy, and believing in it.

I know that someday I should look back on my life and regret it if I don’t pursue my dreams and act NOW.

And I have been – one of my greatest loves is art 🙂 and look at what’s been keeping me busy lately:


Not much of a studio yet… One day I’ll have my own 😉

Blogging helps keep me focused, as does vlogging. Here is my latest vlog: 

I’m opening an Esty shop VERY soon, and have already started an account where I shall be listing my artwork 🎨🌈✨ I shall be announcing it soon! 

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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

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