My Acne is Healing – with Natural Remedies

And it’s not just remedies – but simple self-care routines that I’ve disciplined myself to do.

Since coming back from Colorado, my face had taken a turn for the worst. It seemed like my face was erupting and that everyday I was getting a new bump or pimple.

I was already stressed out enough as it was, but the never-ending acne was stressing me out even more and I found myself hating to look in a mirror. Ugh.

Now I can at least be thankful that I’ve never had cystic acne. I’ve seen some people who’ve struggled with severe acne on their and I’ve been very grateful to have not ever had to deal with this. But I see how I could easily have my acne develop into that if I’m not careful or if I didn’t take my health seriously.

I remember in the past, I would always complain to my mom about my acne, breaking out with another bump, and she’d asked the following:

“Are you drinking enough water?”

“Are you taking your vitamins?”

“Did you stay up late last night?”

“Are you touching your face?”

I usually answered no, no, no, and (unfortunately) yes to these questions and then she’d laugh and then ask why I was complaining.

I truly don’t know why I never took ‘taking vitamins’ seriously. Now, it’s become a daily routine.

A few weeks ago, I decided enough was enough and I was going to fix my acne and get rid of it once and for all. I had been inspired by some YouTubers I was watching, and plus, just glancing in the mirror was enough to make me want change.

And my journey is far from ended.. but I have noticed change in my face already. So has my mom and the rest of my family.

It started with ‘tea tree oil‘ diluted with coconut oil. I love anything coconut. Name it. I love it. Coconut oil is good for the skin and is a natural moisturizer anyway and is usually the ‘go-to’ for diluting essential oils, which tend to be too strong for the skin, if applied directly (undiluted).

So I began rubbing this tea tree oil mixture on my skin several times a day… nothing was really changing, even though everyone raves about how tea tree oil helps their skin. I wasn’t really seeing it.

I’ve stopped wearing makeup altogether. It sucked whenever I got out of the house because I felt so ugly and exposed. I just forced myself (and still do) to suck it up and smile. Pretend all is normal and not to care what anyone thinks.

Next, I read about Frankincense – oh the wonders of Frankincense oil! This oil has truly helped me, along with aloe vera gel! My blemishes (slowly but surely) have been fading as I apply aloe vera to my skin everyday, several times a day.


I’ve also changed my eating habits and cut out all sugars, breads, and processed food (and of course fast food).

In just two weeks my face has changed:


My blemishes are fading, and I haven’t been breaking out.

I still get a pimple here or there, but they aren’t near as big and they go away much faster.

So, let me lay out exactly what I’ve been doing differently:

  • drinking eight glasses of water everyday
  • taking my vitamins (tumeric, apple cider, multi-vitamin, zinc, omega 3 oils, b6, b12, lysine to name the main ones)
  • frankincense diluted in rose ointment or coconut oil (3x a day usually)
  • aloe vera several times a day (a LOT)
  • NO SUGAR (including cane sugar)
  • drinking a smoothie for breakfast nearly everyday (some days  I skip breakfast, which, contradictory what most say, can actually be beneficial, but that’s for another blog post)
  • eating a salad for lunch (throwing in that avocado for extra good fat)
  • not going to bed too late
  • not wearing makeup
  • honey scrubs 2x a week
  • trying NOT to stress

All of the above is really, really helping my face heal.

Like I said, my acne is not the worst, but it’s definitely been acting up a lot recently and honestly, I believe a lot of it has been due to stress. And I stress waaay too easily. So I’ve been doing things (like blogging) and making time for my hobbies, things that make me happy. It’s been working, I think.

It’s not always easy to eat a salad though, when the rest of my family is eating pizza. That’s happened a few times.

I really don’t like to show these, but this was what was happening due to stress, not taking vitamins, not eating fruits or veggies, not drinking enough water, etc.


But I took this picture yesterday – even my skin feels like it’s glowing!


The reason my hair looks wet in the picture above is because I had it saturated in coconut oil overnight. Benefits of coconut oil! That’s for another blog post.


As I said, not completely healed, but there’s definitely progress and its’ enough to motivate me to keep doing what I’m doing. (And for some reason my forehead, like, never breaks out).

The only thing is… I gotta figure out what I’m going to do once I return back to the YMCA next month.

28 days to go 😀


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