Enjoying St. Simon’s Island, Georgia

Georgia is such a beautiful state and there are so many places to visit. Even though I myself am a Georgia native, I haven’t yet been to all the places in Georgia I’d to go to.

Atlanta for instance. Most people give me this strange look whenever I tell them yes, I was born in Georgia, but no, I’ve not been to Atlanta, yet. Just driven through it or changed flights in the airport.

One of these days, when I come back South again, I shall tour Atlanta and learn about the history. Georgia is full of rich history.

A couple of days ago, however, after I got back from my trip to my hometown (Columbus, Georgia), my grandmother up and decided to take me to St Simon’s Island. It’s not so far from where we all live. We are situated near the Golden Isles of Georgia, right on the east coast, above the Florida line. It’s a very lovely area, and there’s always things to see and do here.

It had been a while since I’ve been to St Simon’s and I thought, why not? Plus, at the time, the big NASCAR race was going on and … being not much of a race car fan, it wasn’t exactly our idea of fun to stay at home and watch cars race around the track 200 times, especially with it being a gorgeous day of 80F.

We both grabbed our phones, I grabbed my camera, piled in the car and zoomed off. Plus, as my grandmother pointed out, I was leaving soon and she wanted to get me out and enjoy the last moments together. I was more than willing.




We stopped by this marina, an area that my grandfather use to work at, and looked out at the boats that were lazily floating on the water. My grandma pointed out a place where my parents had eaten at when they’d been dating. The restaurant has closed since then, but still.. it was cool to see where they had come over 20 years ago.

bridges of georgia

I think one thing I admire about Georgia, especially near the east coast, is all the trees. I never get tired of seeing all the trees, and those Spanish Moss trees are extra special. I love watching the moss blowing in the wind, and gazing up at the mighty oaks… their branches reaching for the sky.


oak tree branches

Our trip continued to the downtown area, where we got out to walk around on the pier where everyone was fishing. The sun was beginning to set and it set off a beautiful reflect of color and serenity, as I watched the gulls squawking overhead and the big ‘gambling’ boat sail off towards the direction of Georgia’s famous Sydney Lanier Bridge the distance.




I stood there for a while just soaking in the whole atmosphere, aware that it was only a matter of time before I would be separated from the ocean again. Instead of an ocean to look at, I will be gazing at mountains.

We continued on our way, me vlogging here and there, us stopping to make more pictures. The lighthouse stands nearby right around the corner of a playground; a playground I played on all the time as a kid.




houses 2




Ah, Georgia I will miss you. I’ll miss Georgia very much. I will miss the deep South and its ways. I’ll miss the people and of course the food. Nothing replaces the food and no matter where I travel, I always, always end up craving the food I have back at home: fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, country gravy, sweet potato hashbrowns, eating a lot of Hispanic food, collard greens, lima beans, the bazillion chicken recipes we come up with.. *sighs*

I’m glad to have memories here, though. I can take them with me wherever I go and share who I am with everyone I meet. I’m glad that I write in a journal. One day, I will write and publish stories about my life and travels. One day.

Now I’m getting sad.

Stop that, Jennifer.

Anyways! After walking around and enjoying the town and houses and trees and beach… and getting mauled by some gnats, we decided to go for dinner at this place called ‘Mellow Mushroom’ – the same place I ate at last July right before I headed West. Once again, this will be the last place I eat at before I go back to Colorado. Funny, life is funny.


This pizza was, I swear, hands down, the best eveeeeeeer!

Gosh, I’m actually staring at that on my screen wishing I could eat some of it right now. Instead, I find myself munching on a carrot – I’ve been working on it for about an hour. I’m too lazy to get back up and get some peanut butter, therefore, it’s taking me longer than usual to finish it off.

Pathetic, I know.

Well, I gotta scoot. Time to work on a couple of vlogs for YouTube – it’s been well over a month since I made a vlog … I’m a bit behind…. again.

Til then, I remain,

Whimsical ❤

jeni in tree

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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

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