One Week Until I Fly Up, Up and Away…

Back out West.

Back to Colorado.

Back to the Y.

It honestly doesn’t feel as though it’s been 2 and a half months since I came home. Oh the time flies!

Exactly one week from today I will find myself in Colorado surrounded by mountains and wilderness. Such a contrast from living on the East Coast. But that’s one reason why I love it so much. It’s different. It’s not what I’m use to.


I still haven’t packed yet. To be honest, I kinda dread it. I can’t pack too much because I’ve left a lot of things in Colorado that I couldn’t take back home with me; clothes, hair products, a giant picture…

So I have to leave a bit of room for those things.

And then it’s snowing over there still. Here where I live it’s already feeling close to summertime weather. Yesterday was 84F and breezy and humid. Typical day in the South. While I’m over here enjoying the sun, it’s snowing with temperatures averaging in the 30s back where I’m going to work. So not only will I have to pack a few sweaters and my boots, but also spring and summer clothes, since I’ll be there til the end of June.

3 seasons…. ugh.

I just did some shopping yesterday, too and found some new tank tops and shorts and a pair of sandals.. I want to literally bring all of these clothes with me. It’s going to definitely be a challenge but I think I can do it. I can live out of a suitcase for the next 4+ months hahaha.

Yesterday I was writing in my journal about how I was going to find myself in a new state next week and how I can’t believe I have to leave the South. It’s going to be so sad and yet also so exciting. I find myself displaying both emotions (sadness and excitement) now that the time to leave in drawing closer.

I’m trying not to stress about having a bad roommate. Not that I did last time. I got along just fine with the last two. My first roommate quit and left not long after I got there and so I pretty much had the room all to myself until my new roommate came (we both had requested to be roommates) but she only stayed a couple weeks before she also left. So then I had the room back to myself again. Which I was perfectly fine with.

I just hope I don’t get paired up with someone that’s the complete opposite of me.

But I think things will work themselves out all by themselves. So I’m not going to worry about anything. It’s a waste of time anyway. I can be thankful for the things that have already worked themselves out thus far – getting rehired at my YMCA Rockies job – so stoked!!


I’m excited to keep blogging about it, as well as vlogging about the adventures I have, sharing them on YouTube and connecting with other people who want to try or have done the same things. That’s the beauty of travel – it connects you with people you would’ve never met otherwise. It really is a blessing. And every time I go somewhere, not only do I strive to be the best I can for others, but I also feel blessed in return ❤


Let the new adventures begin!

T-minus 7 days until Colorado.




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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

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