From Skiing to getting Stranded in a Snowstorm – Life gets Wild in Crazy Colorado!

The first and last time I skied was in Graubünden, Switzerland one year ago exactly.

And I wasn’t very good at it… my excuse was that we just didn’t get much snow or mountains in Florida.

Although it had been fun I couldn’t stay long and only got a couple of hours in.

As soon as I head started to get the hang of it we had to go and that was that! So I was a little nervous today at attempting to ski again…

So, 3 of my friends and I had made plans to go skiing – these are the same friends who did ‘Elevate’ with me together last year when we first had all gone to work in Colorado.

Cool, right?

Gotta love true friends… ❤

We ended up leaving the Y and getting on the road around 10 o’clock after stopping for our ski gear at the mountain shop and grabbing some breakfast at McDonald’s.  We ended up accidentally took a 30 minute out-of-the-way detour but it wasn’t all bad because we got to enjoy a lot of beautiful scenery.

mountain shop sign

mountain shop

graham driving

on the road



on the road5

gps route

We reach the ski resort around 12:30pm and prepared ourselves for the adventure!

My friend Hannah had never skied before and so we were both nervous and decided to stick together starting out… The day was beautiful and we could not of asked for more perfect weather.the sun shone as the snow glistened atop of the mountains.

We apparently weren’t the only ones who had the idea to ski that day! There were a lot of other people out there enjoying themselves; lots of kids, families, and people of all ages out having a good time.

Loveland Ski Resort

ski resort

ski resort 2

ski boots

Excited to ski!!

skiing in loveland

selfie skiing

ski path

My first attempt was another off to a rocky start but I did not fall or crash into any bush so I was proud of myself… Gradually as it kept trying over and over I got faster and faster and more brave to where eventually I skied down the great big slope!


Hannah became a little afraid to ski and couldn’t quite get the hang of it right away.. she opted out and decided to take off her skis and walk down the steep slope carrying her skis and joined our friend Moffett who was chilling inside, deciding not to ski for the day.

Me and Graham continued for a few rounds until he, too, grew tired and decided to join the others.

Not me.

I was having too much fun.

I wanted the day to never end. Again and again I went up in the ski lift and skies back down through the trees and around the corners, practicing my turns and cuts – I was skiing very fast. Not a pro, but I think I was pretty good for only having done it once before.

I simply had decided to not let fear get in the way.

At one point, when I felt I was skiing WAY too fast too soon, I said a real quick prayer praying something like, “Dear God, please don’t let me crash. Let me get through this.”

And you know, I did just fine.

My courage grew and I skied faster and faster.

Every time I got on the ski lift, I admired the mountains and looked at my skis stuck on my feet and wished the day to last forever.

Me and Graham were talking and saying how we really needed a GoPro.

If only I had one for today – I really wanted to film myself skiing.

However, I got Graham to do a little bit of vlogging – he filmed me coming down and then at the last minute I crashed 🙈😂

Funny thing is, he had predicted it, the little skank!

So glad though to have a vlogging friend who loves to be in front of the camera as much as I do.

I really have fallen in love with vlogging.

I never want to stop.

So after the ski adventure we decided to all head into the next town of Idaho Springs and grab something to eat at this place called Pick Axe Pizza. Me and Graham shared a large BBQ chicken pizza and it was absolutely delicious.

bbq chicken pizza

Tummies full, we headed over to the Hot Springs and enjoyed a couple hours of relaxation in a small private hot pool and then in the big swimming pool. Gosh, after being out in the snow and wind skiing, soaking in a nice hot pool felt just like heaven.

jeni and hannah

the guys

We talked and played games and made photos. It was great. A few times I couldn’t help but get a little lost in thought: “I am blessed to have such good friends… I can hardly believe I am enjoying their company again and we are laughing and having a good time together.


After soaking ourselves in the pool and feeling 100x more better and more relaxed, we threw our clothes back on and went outside to find that it was snowing.

And apparently had been for quite some time.

snow outside

This is a fine example of Colorado’s crazy weather! It was so sunny today and the weather was perfect; however, little did we know what we were in for when we tried to head home … or, as Moffett put it, “when we were attacked by an abominable snowman.”

We were casually heading home, driving back to Estes but the snow came down harder and harder.

In fact, as I currently write this, I am sitting in the back of Hannah’s car with Moffett, Graham and Hannah and we are all stranded in a snowstorm.

For the longest time, we have been driving at snail’s pace, practically going at a crawl. There was even a time when the windshield wipers got stuck and we had to pull over and scrape the snow off the highway.


We plan on getting a hotel for the night as it’s waay too bad to be driving in (we can’t see more than 10 feet ahead of us) … by the time we would get back it would be well past midnight.

Graham scraping the snow off the windshield – the wipers had gotten stuck!

graham scraping off snow

22:13 – So! We’ve gotten settled in our hotel room a couple hours away from where our “home” is. We were able to reserve a room (thankfully I had service on the road during the storm) and after about an hour of driving at a crawl, we reached the Hilton Inn Hotel and then all went out for some food (burgers from Jack-in-the-Box ): we were going for “quantity not quality“, as Graham said.

Moffett calling his mom at the hotel.


“Pose, Graham.”

Graham eating an apple

Our room.

hotel beds

guys in room

Now we are relaxing, our stomachs stuffed once again, TV is on, we are safe from the ever-falling snow from the outside, and I can go to sleep peacefully knowing that the next day will be full of more adventures.

Really, there’s no other friends I’d rather share this with ❤️

What will Colorado bring me next??

~ Scroll all the way down for the VLOG! ~

The following morning: Hannah making waffles for breakfast.

hannah making waffles



classic…graham and hannah on phones

Heading out again.

leaving the hotel

Moff being Moff.

moffett being moffett

Heading back to the Y.

heading back to the y


Stole Graham’s sunglasses for a few minutes – they don’t do me the justice they do him.

wearing graham's glasses


Check out the vlog!


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