A Walk In the Wild West (Enjoying Colorado Springs and Golden)

Finally! A day off! A whole day of not working at the YMCA of the Rockies (which is beautiful in itself but how much we had been looking forward to getting away and exploring other parts of the state of Colorado). First thing in the morning, after grabbing a quick bite to eat, we took the car to get it cleaned and vacuumed. With all the pollen floating around in the air out here, everything gets covered in yellow dust. Nothing stays clean.

But this was our big day! We were gonna travel in style 😉 (and shine)

Colorado Springs, Golden and Denver were on our agenda for the day and we were going to cram it all in some way somehow.


Colorado can be absolutely gorgeous all year round. There really is no ugly side of Colorado. It’s beautiful in all seasons and this was another beautiful spring day – weather was perfect for driving. Windows rolled down, we listened to some classic rock ‘n roll as we cruised down US-36 E and onto I-25 S, letting the breeze blow our hair around.

Our plan was to first stop inside a “ghost town museum” and pan for gold on the premises down in Colorado Springs. It was about 2 and a half hour drive before reaching our destination.

This was a fascinating museum because not only did they have a cool gift shop full of western and Colorado themed items, but the “museum” itself was set up like a ghost town from the old west. It was amazing! We spent some time in there looking around at the shops, peeking our head through the jail, stepping into a saloon where my boyfriend Travis danced to some tunes that he cranked up from an old timey piano, which caused me to burst into laughter 😀




I especially love history so I was really trying to soak everything up. I’m literally the kind of person that will take the time to read every sign in a museum. Nerdy, I know. But I enjoy learning about what life was like back then.


Panning for gold was a little different from what we expected at first (we imagined us being in a real ghost mining town area with a real river or something of the like. But still, being our first time to ever pan for gold, it was fun to look for gold pieces (which were super tiny – I found the most, by the way) hee hee 😀


As we were leaving, I found out that right across from the museum there use to be a place where the old railway station was. It’s been transformed into several stores now, but if one looks closely, it’s obvious to see how it had once been a train station. I also learned that Teddy Roosevelt was apparently in love with not just Colorado, but the Colorado Springs area itself, having made a visit or two.

Our journey continued with us heading north to Golden. We made a quick stop to a Chik-fil-a (so thankful they have those out here in Colorado!!) before hitting the road yet again. We had hoped to rent some bicycles that could take us through the town but just as we arrived (roughly around 4pm) the bicycle place had just closed. Bummer…but we had a plan B: we would simply wade in the river nearby.



After putting my big toe in the water I decided it would be better that I didn’t die of hypothermia that day and so I opted out. Travis, however, went knee deep but boy were his legs red when he did finally get out!




Clouds began rolling in threatening to rain and lightening began to flash in the sky. We found cover at Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza where we enjoyed a glass each of Citrus San Gria and split a pizza in half. My side was BBQ chicken while Travis had the classic Pepperoni. The evening was warm and slow and there was a nice breeze out on the deck. Totally relaxed. Wood fired pizza really hits the spot especially during this time of the day. Highly recommended.




Our next stop was at Goozell’s Yogurt & Coffee – the yogurt tasted just like ice cream. We got the birthday cake flavor mixed with cookie dough bites and sprinkles. It was so delicious! If you ever hit the downtown area in Golden, Colorado on a hot summer day or evening, this place is worth checking out! (Reasonable prices, too!)





And these places are not far from each other! Literally just across the street!

The sun began to set and the sky changed into brilliant colors of pink, orange purple and red. It was a beautiful evening.


And our journey still continued throughout the night. We drove to Denver and saw some of the night life and enjoyed a romantic evening/night near a fire while sitting together on a couch outside where we talked for a couple hours.

I hope you can see why I find Colorado to be enchanting – there’s a western vibe, but also a down-to-earth atmosphere, too. And the landscape and towns are beautiful for the eyes of the beholder.

Colorado, you have my heart ❤

Check out the vlog Travis helped me make!

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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

5 thoughts on “A Walk In the Wild West (Enjoying Colorado Springs and Golden)

  1. Hi Jenn your pictures are so great and the explaninations of the area feel like I am there. Cute little town and I like Travis, peparonie pizza kind of guy. Have fun you two and be carful…Diane

    1. Thanks so much, Diane! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the post and viewing the pictures… if you ever come back to Colorado, these are some really nice places to visit! 🙂

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