Rocky Mountain National Park Adventures!

“We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day,” I said as I gathered my things and threw them in the car. The weather was cool in the morning but beautiful – blue skies, puffy clouds here and there and the sun shining brightly.

It was a perfect day for a picnic.

If only we could find a blanket and a cooler – ironically, that’s exactly what we ended up finding the day of.

Travis and I drove into town and swung by the thrift store where I found a sheet perfect to serve as a blanket and Travis got a cooler for free! After grabbing some picnic food at Safeway, we cranked up some Liona Boyd tunes and headed into the Rocky Mountain National Park.


If you ever get the chance to visit Colorado, you must absolutely, undoubtedly, 100% visit the National Park. Especially if you love mountains.

And I LOVE mountains.

I’ve spent the later 7 years of my life living on the East Coast and while it’s beautiful and I do miss the ocean at times, there’s just something about the mountains that captivate me. I experienced that when I first went to Switzerland and saw the Alps.

And Colorado reminds me a loooooot of Switzerland.

We found the perfect spot to throw our blanket out and set up our picnic. A river ran right in front of us, which gave a nice, relaxing vibe. The sun shone through the trees giving the whole setting a dreamy yet sleepy effect all the same. Some nice Pink Moscato added the perfect touch to our salads and chicken – it was a delightful afternoon. Both nature lovers, we really savored the moments of spending the day outside, munching on our food, sipping on our wine…



river 2

river 1

Afterwards, we decided to try, once again, to wade in the river. And, once again, after sticking my big toe it, decided it was just too darn cold.

Travis must have thicker skin than me.



checking for any specks of gold ๐Ÿ™‚


jeni by river

Our little trip continued up the winding road through the mountains and forests, higher and higher becoming one with the sky and clouds. The air grew thinner (and windier I might add) and views grew more beautiful. John Denver’s voice played in the background.

driving thru the park




The road continued into the famous Trail Ridge Road which is actually at the elevation of over 12’000ft (at its highest point) – and they say it’s perfect for star gazing at night. I’ve yet to do that but one day I will.

mountains drive

The views, as I said, were beautiful but I really can’t describe what was before us. It’s one of those things where you see it a million times in pictures, but then to actually be looking at it with your own eyes… it’s just such a ‘wow’ moments of us in complete awe.

God’s beauty is just everywhere on this earth.

Travis did the daring thing which was to go climb on some rocks some distance away; there were many people that made his picture out there. Some pointed, “Do you see that person out there?”

“Respect, man. Respect.”

“Wow, he’s brave.”

“Oh, I couldn’t do that. I’d be way too scared.”

“Good for him.”

Really, when I look at this photo, I think “Carpe Diem”.



We ventured onward to this place called “Bear Lake” – obviously there’s a lake, and there’s a path that circles it, but we didn’t have the time to walk the full length. We did find a bench and a couple of rocks to rest on at the water’s edge and took a breath or two and just enjoyed the scenery.


What was beautiful and amazing to me, was the hike up to “Dream Lake”. This trail winds up the rocky steps offering views of the park at high standpoints. As we hiked higher and higher we came across snow that still hadn’t melted from this past winter. Pretty cool for being in early June. We passed a small stream and waterfall as we climbed on.

travis in the forest - dreamlake hike

I breathed deeply for it does kind of go straight up; however, I am use to the elevation and so I wasn’t tired too bad.

We rested on this huge rock at one point and took a small little nap… all alone on top of the world. Walking on, we found the stream made it all the way up to the lake, and oh the view. The view, the view, the view…

I’ve already used this picture in one of the my previous posts but it captures what we saw perfectly.

Truly majestic in all aspects.


It really did have a dreamy feel to it and Travis and I sat for a while (with what we could get away with before it rained, that is) before heading back down. It was so peaceful, quiet and serene. I remember saying how I would gladly write in my journal up here everyday, if I could. I would be at such peace and it’d be just me, my thoughts, the mountains and God

…and my dreams.

jeni at dreamlake

It was beautiful evening. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day: everything from the weather, our picnic, the scenery, the hiking, the person I was with… perfect.

It is one of the days that I wish I could keep forever and relive. I could somehow capture this day and put it somewhere safe and if I ever wanted to relive this day, I would have that ability.

Rocky Mountain National Park is just a must see. Plain and simple. If you come to Colorado, you must see the Rocky Mountains and exploring the Park is the best way to do it – hands down.

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