One Week and I’ll be Back in Switzerland

I’ll be back in Europe once again.

It  seems to be my normal routine to visit Europe once a year… To be honest I hadn’t planned on doing any international traveling at all this year but… Life is funny like that and my plans changed.

To be honest, I actually won’t be in Switzerland at first… My plane will arrive in Zürich; however I will be staying the first couple of weeks in France with some friends before spending a couple of weeks with my brother in Germany so I technically won’t be in Switzerland until August.

It’s so crazy though. Like, I really almost don’t have the money to go and yet-

I’m going!

Switzerland just calls my name.

The plane ticket itself only costed $750 (I had booked it back in early April). It’s a round-trip from Denver, Colorado.

Thank you, Expedia.

I still have packing to do but it’s a little different that time because I’m not exactly back at home or lease where are usually leave from the United States. I normally fly out of Jacksonville, Florida and I’m able to have all my clothes out before me, but this time I’m living and working in another state at the YMCA of the Rockies… I technically packed before I came out to Colorado to make sure I brought plenty of summer clothes!


I’m excited to go back to the Alps… I’ve missed it a lot. This trip will be different though from my previous trips to Europe because I’ve always traveled in the off-season, usually during the winter-time. It will be my first time visiting during the summer and I’ll no doubt run into many tourists.

I’m trying to make plans to visit places that I haven’t gone to before. One place I’d love to hit is Interlaken. I’ve been to Switzerland like 3 or 4 times and still have yet to visit not only Interlaken but also Appenzell. Even the “Suisse” French side of Switzerland needs some more exploring to be done. Geneva will be added to my list of “places to go.”

So how do I afford to go to the most expensive country in the world?

I have no idea.

I just simply go.

Okay, it does help to have connections. When I was 18 I found this website called Workaway where I found a Swiss family that wanted help around the house and for someone to help their 3 boys practice English. I contacted them and ‘got the job’ where I quickly applied for a passport, book my plane ticket and flew overseas without knowing a lick of German. I hadn’t even flown on a plane before (unless you count the time I was 2, which I don’t remember).

Fast forward 5 years and, once again, I’m returning back to the same family. We’ve bonded and have stayed in touch over the years; I’ve even bonded with extended family and other relatives and friends of theirs. It’s awesome. Just plain awesome.

So I have a place to stay.

Views from the dining room.


The boys have grown of course, and don’t exactly need babysitting anymore. The eldest is 17 now and the youngest is 14. They are like brothers to me. The family is my little ‘Swiss Family’ – and I love them so much. It’s nice to go back and see how much they’ve grown, changed, and to hear what’s been happening on their side of the world.

So! If I have time, I’ll make another blog post, but if not – well, see you on the other side 😉





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