Cleaning, Packing = Flying back to Europe for the 4th time!

Friday Afternoon:

I sit before my laptop staring at the screen… the moments passing are surreal. It’s nearly 4 in the afternoon and my thoughts reflect the day.

Today was my last day of working at the YMCA of the Rockies. It was a good last day, and it flew by rather quickly. There were many coworkers who weren’t aware of the fact that this was my last day at work. “Yep, my contract ends today.” I answered them.

Everyone asked what I would be doing next. “Are you going back home? To Georgia?”

I’d shake my head, “No, I’m actually going to spend the summer in Europe.”

And nine times out of ten, they’d get this surprised look on the faces and ask questions. One girl in particular asked question after question and nearly flipped out when I told her that I was staying the whole summer until the end of September. “3 months??” She was truly amazed and was curious at how in the world I was able to do such a thing!

Working on this blog post


So much to do in so little time!


It is conversations like this, that remind me of how differently I think from most other people. People never can seem to comprehend at how easy it is to simply hop on a plane a take off to another country. It blows my mind.

I’m always caught off guard when I have these conversations because I tell them, apparently too casually, that yes, I’m going back to Europe, as if it’s no big deal.

For me, I’ve almost gotten use to the notion of traveling back and forth to Switzerland. I don’t want to say it’s nothing special, but at the same time, it doesn’t seem impossible or anything out of the ordinary to just – GO!

Again, I encourage as many people as I possibly can that ‘you’ can do it, too!

“I’m not rich.” I tell the person I’m talking to. “Far from it. But ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.”  And of course, there’s some great travel websites I usually recommend to people. You can see the excitement dancing in their eyes. It’s a reaction I never tire of witnessing.

And it was just yesterday that I met this wonderful lady whose eyes lit up when I introduced myself and stated that I more or less traveled and shared some of my stories and thoughts about it. She was so inspired and today, when I bumped into her, we exchanged contact info and she told me of how she couldn’t stop thinking about me last night. “Really? It was the same with me! I thought of our great conversation and how much it made my day.”  It really did seem that somehow, we were meant to meet.

We must’ve hugged over and over, both of us being inspired by one another.

Now, as I sit and reflect, my thoughts themselves dance around here and there… there are people to hang out with, journaling to catch up on, and packing to do…

I still have to do the little stuff, too – such as purchasing travel insurance, and letting my friends know what time I’ll be arriving at the Basel Bahnhof on July 3.

Sunday morning:

Today I’ve spent the morning cleaning and packing up my room. I’ve moved a lot of my stuff in my boyfriend’s room, since we’ll be loading it up in his car tomorrow so he can drop me off at the airport.


It’s one of those surreal moments again…

Why couldn’t his boss had let him off today? 😦

So! I managed to deep clean my room, strip the linens, vacuum … you know the cleaning process – it’s always loads of fun.

Now I have to try to stuff tons of crap into my: check-in luggage, carry-on, backpack… Lord, I doubt I’ll be able to stuff it all it. My suitcases are going to look like they’re exploding by the time I’m finished with them.



Let’s take a break and eat some breakfast.


I feel better already.

Where was I?


For a 3 month season in France, Germany, Switzerland and possibly Austria, too.

Look! I actually managed!!


I’m bringing a bunch of this and that. Gosh, I always gather so much … I wonder how these backpackers do it.

They have something I do not: discipline to stay away from thrift stores. They’ll get ‘cha!

When I took a break and made time to get outside, stop, and smell the roses ( or in this case, the flower baskets).


P.S. Update about my boyfriend: He did get part of the day off 🙂 We sat by the river and ate our lunch in the warm, afternoon sun.

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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning, Packing = Flying back to Europe for the 4th time!

  1. I hope that you have a great trip to Europe.
    See ya when ya get back! Post lots of vlogs and blogs!!

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