Am I Really Back in Europe again??

It is precisely 2:52pm on a Friday as I begin this blog, currently seated on a train in Germany headed to Dresden where I shall meet my brother. He has promised to meet me at the train station and what a moment it will be! It’s been right at 4 months since I’ve last seen him, having worked in the Colorado Rockies all this time, and now I find myself in Europe, once again, off on another crazy adventure.


I breathe deeply and feel a bit dehydrated to be honest. I had dashed out the door this morning without so much as eating breakfast and I haven’t had the time to stop and get something to eat. So as soon as I step off this train and give my brother a nice big bear hug, it will be “Zeit zu essen” (time to eat!) for me! C’mon, bro – let’s hit the next food joint at the corner!

Or I may just have him take me back to his place where I can crash somewhere.

It’s been a somewhat crazy day… I still haven’t fully adjusted to the time zone (Colorado is 8 hours back from Germany) and have been staying up late until 1am or 3am … last night I did myself a favor and went to bed right after midnight.

However, I had set my alarm extra early so that I had plenty of time to not only get myself all packed up and ready to go, but also to talk to my boyfriend and tell him goodnight. It was right after 6am for me and 10pm for him. Crazy time zone.


Right now I pause once again to look out my window and gaze among the fields and meadows of dear, dear Deutschland. My dad’s fatherland. There are wildflowers of yellow and purple amidst the tall grass. Such a scene to paint. In the train, I hear laughter of several German women who are amusing each other by apparently telling a funny story. Also – I’ve met a lot of Americans today – then again, it is summer.

One couple looked American and I openly spoke to them in English, asking where they were from. “Pennsylvania,” the guy answered, smiling. (I’m pretty good about knowing my own people. Just takes one to know one, I guess.) “I’m actually German,” his wife answered. She had a perfect American accent and I told her so. She’s the second German I’ve known to have a perfect accent. She asked where I was from, and when I she learned I was an American, she paid me a compliment by saying that she would have never guessed. “You blend in well.”

“Thank you,” I smiled. “I try not to be loud.” Her and husband got a kick out of that.

They were on their way to Leipzig to attend a Guns N Roses concert. “Nice! You’ll enjoy that, I think.” I assured her, for she didn’t seem as excited as her husband. I told them I was headed to Dresden to see my brother who was to meet me at the station.

Which … now it’s nearly time for me to get off the train and meet him. I’m approaching my station in about 10 minutes or so.

The anticipation begins 😀

(A few days later) and let’s just say Dresden is amazing! And I didn’t even get to tour the whole city! I arrived right on time and saw my brother waiting for me. I couldn’t tell if he spotted me first or I him. But we both gave one another the biggest hug. Tears almost sprang into my eyes…it was so good to see him again.



I thought it best to grab something to eat since I was starving, but only after purchasing another (second) smartphone with a German SIM card to go with it – in a way, I find it cheaper and more convenient to have a second smartphone when traveling abroad…

Walking in the old town area, we hit this place on the corner called “Burgerlich” where I had a pretty awesome Bacon BBQ burger with french fries. After talking and laughing for about an hour or so, we continued towards the ‘Frauenkirche’ where a statue of the great reformer Martin Luther stood, tall and proud.






My brother walked me over to this place where he plays piano a couple times a week. I enjoyed listening to him play so much that I fell asleep.


We went back to Dresden the other day and took time to make more pictures and walk around in the ‘Alt-Stadt’ (old city) where we not only kept bumping into Asian tourists by the bazillions, but admired the architecture of the Zwinger palace which stands across from the Dresden Castle (a huge museum now). The Zwinger is a type of gallery but is unfortunately closed on Mondays (and it was a Monday when we went) but the grounds were beautiful to walk through. Four fountains were in the middle and there were many trees.

palace with fountain



We even had the chance to climb the stairs to get an even better view of the palace from a higher angle!





Things were pretty chill in the city. We headed to the mall and browsed the shops downtown before heading to a nice restaurant (whose name I fail to remember right now) where I had the best avacado burger eveeeeeer along with sweet potato fries and special wine that fit the mood.


museum dresden


By the evening, we were tired and ready to head back. We’d been walking over 7 hours that day and my feet were done. We took the train back to our place, where we stay with this German family in Königstein (where the castle fortress stands across from our house!) and crashed on our beds.

Being here still feels unreal. It’s like my mind hasn’t processed it yet. Or maybe it has… but I’m not sure how to handle everything. It’s all so much right now.

But there are more adventures to be had! I have, after all, 79 days to go before I fly back to the States!


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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

3 thoughts on “Am I Really Back in Europe again??

  1. thanks again for all the great pics. Looks beautiful. Gotta get some one to take a pic of you two together..Diane and Ron

    from Grandma Becky and Grandpa Larry

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