Love Hit Me Hard – And I Wasn’t Even Expecting It.

It’s funny how love comes when you least expect it. Really.

Now I find myself in a serious relationship and we’re both on opposite ends of the earth.

Go figure.


This year I had decided that I wasn’t going to be in any sort of relationship – not for a while. I planned on working in Colorado for four months til my contract ended and then  immediately travel Europe for the next three months. Why would I bother with having a boyfriend?

I’ve never been into flings and certainly not into wasting precious time. I had things to do and places to go, and getting a boyfriend would be a HUGE distraction. Like, I didn’t see the point of it all. And long-distance was out of the question. Personally, I could do it, but the likelihood of others doing it is next to zero. Plus,nI’ve had time, emotion, and feelings wasted for some guys who … just weren’t ready yet, to put it simply. Perhaps I wasn’t either.

My point?

Having a boyfriend was the last thing on my mind.

And who should pop into my life but Travis


I remember when I first saw him. It early this year at the end of March while I was working in food service at the YMCA of the Rockies. The slow season. New staff began arriving to replace the old staff that were leaving.

I was out in the dining hall with my other coworkers, when about 30 new staff had showed up that morning. I only remember Travis because of the big Broncos hat he had worn and still continues to wear. But at the time, I didn’t pay him any attention. Not so much as a second glance.

Within a of couple weeks, he started teasing me in the dining hall by calling me ‘Penni’ rather than ‘Jeni’ and would give me actual pennies at random. I didn’t quite know what to think at first but then decided (with the help of some friends) to call him ‘Trevor‘. It was a perfect fit.

I could have fun and play this game, too.

(side note: I got so use to calling him Trevor that when I eventually switched to ‘Travis’, it almost seemed weird.)

One day while I was at lunch, Travis made his way to my table and came up to me. “We should be Snapchat buddies.”

I casually held my phone up for him to scan my Snapchat code. No thought. Just a ‘here you go‘ gesture.

He went back to work and later on I snapped him a picture of my two pennies he’d given me. He snapped me back, and I immediately snapped him. We went on like this for a few days before I bumped into him in the gym. I was practicing dancing with a friend when Travis popped into the gym getting ready to play volleyball. He had arrived early.

He had apparently seen my story on Snapchat, and saw I was in the gym. What he didn’t know (and what I never told him until recently) was that I had purposely posted it to my story, confident he’d watch it and come over. Which is exactly what he did.

Worked like a charm.

(And it wasn’t too far in the future that he had asked me to dance with him in the gym later 🙂

Not long afterwards we had met up at the bowling alley one night and teased each other there, too, even taking snaps of one another when we weren’t looking. Silly stuff. I did think he was pretty cool even though I thought he was a goon. He invited me to play pool with him where he kicked my tail twice and said he’d want a rematch later.

Within a week or so we went on our first date to the bowling alley where I beat him at all three bowling games and two out of three games at pool. Talk about victorrrrry! (And yes I gloated on the way home – no shame).

(here’s a snap I took when I got home just to prove it, haha)


As our friendship grew, so did our feelings for one another. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other after work or when we had off – days filled with picnics, walking and sitting by the river, going into town, campfires, road trips, eating out or simply working on our videos and blogs together.

We’ve also had lots of time to just talk about things. About life, about God, about our futures and all things in between. There is nothing we probably haven’t talked about. We share the same values, morals, religious beliefs as well as political.

We are both passionate about music, art, writing, dancing, photography and, of course, traveling.

Since I’ve gotten to know him, I’ve grown to love his sense of humor, the goofy faces he makes, and appreciate his outlook on life, which is so much like mine. He’s very caring and puts my needs before his own. If I ever call, he answers. He’s always there for me.

Somehow, early on, I had this special feeling with him. We just clicked. The connection I have with him is unlike what I have with any other person and already, he knows me so well.

Us being goofy goons.


Travis just loves my big hat xD


Taking a road trip.



Eating at the Thunderbird Restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico.




Miss watching those sunsets together..


Playing his air guitar.


Travis when he hiked Longspeak – read his blog post about that exciting (and exhilarating) adventure!
Or watch his video vlog about it 😀


Our grandfather ‘coaching’ us on how to play pool haha  (we weren’t doing so hot).


This photo was actually taken the day I left for Europe.


But I did try to keep my distance a bit at first, even emotionally and psychologically.

Plus, I mean, we were so different and I “knew” he was totally not my type. I didn’t imagine myself having a boyfriend like Travis. Besides, he.. well, …  has tattoos. Lots of them. He’s not ashamed of them and each one carries a special meaning to him. Likewise, he’s very expressive and is an open-minded person. He’s not afraid to be himself and is very easy to talk to and have a conversation with. But he’s also a very good listener and even when we have differed on certain things, he’s never bashed my opinion or point of view and instead, listens or takes it into consideration. He has really helped me open up more, and to learn to trust again. Him being this way really helped me realized I had misjudged him based on his appearance.

No, Travis isn’t what I expected. He’s everything and more. And I miss him.

A lot.



Being away can be hard. It has presented a challenge to us both in the relationship, but we had decided beforehand that we could do it. I personally think it’s been healthy for the relationship, and gives us a new way of getting to know more about one another without actually being around each other physically. There’s more than just a physical aspect of relationships (even though, that part is important!)


We both value our relationship and do our best to stay in touch despite the long-distance right now.

I talk to him pretty much every morning (for him, it’s every night before bed). There’s the 7-hour time difference between Switzerland and Texas and, though grateful, FaceTime isn’t the same. I can’t hug or kiss him. I miss leaning my head on his shoulder. I miss his scent and feeling his hand in mine.

I can hardly wait for the day when I fly back to the States and see him at the airport waiting for me. I’ll shall run up and throw my arms around him. I can’t wait to meet his parents and family and for him to meet mine.

It really is a love that I didn’t expect or dream of…

Travis, because of you I believe in love and fairy-tales again ❤


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An artistic musician who enjoys writing about her travels while capturing magical moments in life with her camera. She also likes to eat ketchup with everything.

4 thoughts on “Love Hit Me Hard – And I Wasn’t Even Expecting It.

  1. oh what a sweet love story..I hope you both work out together..Just keep those lines of communication open..Ron and I will be married for 49 years soon and we new each other since grade school. It can be done. Ron and Diane

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