Picking Blackberries in Switzerland

It was kind of unexpected with getting this little side job, but I am so thankful for it!

I arrived here in Switzerland at the beginning of August with intentions of not spending too much money while I’m here (which is ironic, since I’m staying in the most expensive country in the world; so something I would do) but thanks to my good friend, whom I’m currently visiting/staying with (met her through workaway when I was 18), she was able to ask someone she knew if they might need help on their farm picking blackberries. Besides a farm, this place has its own winery, too!

And it’s just a 10 minute bike ride away (5 minutes going back, since it’s pretty much just a big long hill back to the house).





I try to get there to work at a decent time, usually around 8a.m. but this may change to an earlier time as it’s been rather hot in Switzerland lately. Poor Graubünden! Perhaps it’s affecting all of Switzerland, but I know this canton is suffering from not enough rain and water. Even some trees are already turning brown and plants are ready to be harvested too early. There are even some rules for the people to use less water in order to save it and make it last as long as possible. They can’t afford to water their plants a lot, because this cuts into the water for the people and the animals. No one is suppose to wash their car right now, either.

Thank the good Lord it’s actually raining as I type this out, now. We need it badly here!

But on days when it’s not raining, and if there’s help needed, I pedal my bike over to the blackberries. And let me tell you, they are the largest blackberries I’ve ever laid eyes on! I bet they’ll make some delicious blackberry jam.

I’ve sampled quite a few of them and they taste so sweet and juicy.




Met this little guy who had a big smile on his face the whole time!



There are a lot of them, too! I’ll spend typically 3-4 hours at a time filling up my green baskets with blackberries, and come back the next day or two to and find new ones ready to be picked. There are even peach trees and rose bushes that need picking! I’ve never heard of rose jam, but one of my friends told me about the roses that we pick will be used for jam!

I wear some gloves to protect my hands when I go picking, not so much as protection from any thorns, but from the possibility of my hands turning purple from the blackberry juices! By the time I finish, my gloves have completely change color.




I’m really thankful for this little job. It has come at the perfect time, not just for me, but for the farm. Everyone is still on or just coming back from vacation and there hasn’t been any help. The timing couldn’t have been better. I needed a little cash and so why not help pick blackberries? I get a beautiful view of the Alps, too. I listen to my music from my phone, pick blackberries and gaze over at the mountains that surround the valley.

I’m going to enjoy my last weeks here in Switzerland, for I don’t know when the next time I’ll get to be here again. I hope it isn’t too far off in the future. But no matter how long it is before I set foot on Switzerland’s soil again, it’ll be here waiting for me. The mountains will still be here and so will the valleys. And God willing, so will all my friends ❤

Check out the vlog I made!

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