Fun-Filled October! Getting back to the USA, Getting Engaged and Visiting my Penpal!

Well! I’ve finally come around again after a few weeks of disappearance. A lot has happened since I’ve gotten back to the USA – everything from going to the Texas State Fair, going Bigfoot hunting in Oklahoma, getting engaged, visiting a penpal that I’ve never met but have written letters to these 5+ years – October was a full month!

I’ve just landed back in Georgia again, settled next to Cumberland Island. It’s a cloudy day but hasn’t rained so far. This weather makes me sleepy and it’s taking all my energy to sit down and write. I’ve gotten to see my family again and yesterday I visited my grandparents. The last time I was here was back in early March – 8 months ago. After working in Colorado for 4 months, traveling in Europe for 3 months, I then spent the last month (October) in Texas (where I got to meet my boyfriend – now fiance’s – parents) and North Carolina (where I stayed with my beloved penpal and her family).

Seeing my boyfriend Travis waiting for me in the airport was the sweetest feeling in the world. We had anxiously and impatiently endured 3 months of separation to be together again. And we had only been around one another 3 months prior to that, yet we’d already become so close. Dare I say, inseparable?

Oh, you can imagine our excitement at meeting again.



Our knight was the winner of the tournament!


He showed me all he could of Dallas in the 2 weeks I was there, and gave me that Texas Culture I’d never been exposed to! Hot and humid were the days, but that didn’t stop us from going to Medieval Times or the State Fair. I had never been to a state fair before and going to my first state fair in Texas! Wow, I can’t even begin to explain how awesome it was. So much to look at, so much to eat, so many animals, people, and amusement rides. We watched the dog show and pig racing. We got to see Big Tex greeting everyone that passed – he’s the tallest cowboy I’ve ever laid eyes on.



And near the end of the day, folks gathered around the fountains on the grass as a beautiful light-show with dancers and fireworks began. It was magical. And right after the show, Travis took me inside the cable cars that overlooked all of the fair and proposed while we were in midair. It was the happiest moment of my life. I never want to take off my ring.



On the road to Oklahoma! aka – Bigfoot country! 😀 What an adventure that was!



2 weeks simply flew by too fast and the next thing I knew, I was back on the plane again bound for North Carolina where I stayed for the next 2 weeks with my penpal.


Everyday was an adventure with her! She loves to dress up and is a vintage fanatic, having her own little shop in town! I got to dress in all kinds of clothes and costumes representing the 1920s, 1950s, Renaissance, Edwardian period (when we went to the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville) and even dressed as a “bad” girl one day.

We had talked about dressing up and having photoshoots for years and now our dreams were finally coming true! After 5 years of writing the old-fashioned postmail, and keeping tabs via texting, voicenotes and eventually Skype, I made plans and booked a plane ticket and headed her way.



1950s diner






Our days were filled with laughter and fun as we made art together, watched Riverdance and other movies snuggled under covers on the sofa with our hot tea, or when we pranced around town in our fashionable outfits.






bad girls

The days of October flew by in a hurry. In no time at all, it was time for me to once again board the plane and continue on my way.

This time, I was going back to Georgia.

And here I am. I’ve got to see my family and grandparents again after all these months. It’s hard to believe 8 months have gone by. This whole year flashed before my very eyes and now it’s only a matter of weeks before another one begins. It’s crazy. So many wonderful things has happened in the year. I can only hope and pray next year will be just as wonderful and exciting!



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